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WebSphere eXtreme Scale 6 book review

Anyone designing a high performance transaction processing system has already needed at least a caching solution for increasing response time on frequently used data. But sometimes these data might become bigger than usual, those are times when you need a sofisticate

WebSphere eXtreme Scale

WebSphere eXtreme Scale Book

solution, something that can automatically fetch data from a slower storage, offload when not necessary, split its contents between various nodes, …

If you require something like this then you’ll notice that you need a DataGrid solution.

By now you’ll be asking yourself why I am on that subject? Recently I’ve been kindly invited to review a book about IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale from Packt Publishing.

Apart from this, I work on a project where we were already evaluating WebSphere eXtreme Scale as a replacement for WebSphere DynaCache.

If you are in a hurry and want to have a sneak peak on the book contents, take a look at the sample chapter (Chapter 7: “The DataGrid API”) available for free on Packt Publishing website.


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